HD P&M – Projects & Management

With more than 20 years of experience in various technologies, we offer our services to help you managing your projects or teams, with 4 different approaches:

  • Remote Management : after a brief learning period of your specific context – eventually including an “on premises” phases – we manage your project remotely, using the various communication available today. This way to work assures a perfect adaptation to your needs for small projects, in perfect adequation with your financial means.
  • Flexible Management : an intermittent presence at your premises and a permanent remote availability allow us to guarantee a perfect follow up of your short term projects with a higher complexity and/or wider team.
  • Part Time : middle-sized project may require more attention, but not necessarily a permanent presence of the Project Manager. For such situations, we are glad to propose a part-time presence, with a pre-agreed schedule, which – of course – doesn’t mean we cannot extend the presence and availability where necessary.
  • Full Time : your project or team require continuous and/or long-term attention ? No Problem ! We can assure a permanent presence !

No matter the technological domain where you need support, we are able to help !… Not thanks to our in depth expertise in a specific domain, but thanks to our ability to understand any of those subjects and then coordinate the efforts of your experts to reach your target.

Want more info ? An idea of what our intervention would cost to make your projects a reality or manage and coach your teams ?

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